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St. George Hospice

St. George HospiceHome hospice services in Cheb

St. George Hospice in Cheb, established in 2008 as a civic association and in 2014 transformed into a charitable trust (public benefit organisation) Hospic Sv. Jiří, o.p.s., is a home hospice, that provides expert care to terminally ill persons and to their carers in their homes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The aspiration of the St. George Hospice is that a terminally ill person could live a dignified life even at the end without unnecessary pain and deprivation and could stay among his/her relatives in his/her home environment if possible. The home hospice offers services to terminally ill patients of all age categories who live in the city of Cheb and in the surrounging area (Aš, Františkovy Lázně, Skalná, Luby, Mariánské Lázně).

Although more than 80% of the people in our country would like to die at home, an overwhelming majority of them die in hospitals or other institutions, separated  from their loved ones, frequently in conditions lacking dignity and without adequate care.

The St. George Hospice (Czech Republic) is, together with the all hospice movement, trying to change this situation. It offers to those families, who would like to care for their dying member at home, a set of services:

  • Free Consultation Services in the field of care for the terminally ill
  • Mobile Hospice – Palliative Care provided in the patient's home
  • Medical Equipment Rental
  • Social, psychologic and spiritual support
  • Bereavement club
  • Volunteer Programmes and Services
  • Specialized Palliative Library

Our home hospice offers the family and close friends of terminally ill patients moral support, as well as medical advice and services of physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologues, priests and other specialists and volunteers. The hospice provides rental services of medical equipment to patients and families and trains caregivers in the use of this equipment.

We are very thankfull for any kind of support from you.

Account number for transfers within the Czech Republic:
Transparent Bank Account Nr. 2000 653 844 / 2010
International Bank Identifier Code:
IBAN: CZ03201000000­02000653844

Hospic Sv. Jiří, o. p. s.

Office: Svobody 3, Cheb 350 02, Czech Republic
Office Hours: Thusday 14:00 – 18:00, or via telephone
IČ: 227 29 909
Telefon: +420 736 432 911
Email: hospic@hospic­cheb.cz
Web: www.hospiccheb.cz

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